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2 sovereigns - tipo giubileo

Indicemultipli da 2 sovereignsbritannicheregnantiVictoria
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2 sovereigns - tipo giubileo (Moneta)
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Legend: VICTORIA D:G: BRITT:REG:F:D: Legend: 1887
busto della Regina coronata per il suo giubileo drago ucciso da San Giorgio a cavallo
Edge: rigato
Nominal: 2 Sovereigns
Material: Au 916,66
Diameter: 28.4 mm
Weight: 15.9761 g
Axes: german axis rotation
Years Cod Mint Initials Rarity Mintage Images
1887 S-VICM/1-1 London-R91 000
1887 proof1  S-VICM/1-2 London-R3797
1887 proof S-VICM/1-3SydneySR511 
Total:91 808 
1 ne esiste la variante senza le iniziali B.P.

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